Parenting Education Program


What are Parenting Education Programs?

Parenting education programs are classes designed to educate adults about the many issues children face when their family situation changes. The program train participants abut how to help children adjust in a healthy way to divorce or living apart from a parent. The programs include information about children’s developmental stages, helping children adjust to parent separation, cooperative parenting, conflict management and dispute resolution techniques, guidelines for visitation and parent access, and stress reduction for children.

If you have children under age eighteen, you must participate in a parenting education program within sixty days after a family case is filed in court. All parties involved in divorce, annulment, separation, custody or visitation cases are required by law to participate in a parenting education program. Both judges and family support magistrates have the authority to order your participation in the program.

How much will it cost to go to the program?

Participation in a parenting program costs $110 per person. You must pay the program directly. The fee is not paid to the court. If you cannot afford the fee, complete an Application for Waiver of Fees form (JD-FM-75) and file it with the clerk.

How long is each program?

Parenting education programs are six hours. The program may be offered in two three hour classes, or in three two hour classes. Check with the program provider about the schedule.

How do I register?

Complete Section III of the Parenting Education Program - Order, Certificate and Results form (JD-FM-149). 

You may attend any approved parenting education program in the state. Approved programs in your area.

Contact the program provider most convenient for you to get information about registration, fee arrangement, class dates and locations.

Contact the program provider for a class. The court will not register you.

Be sure to tell the program provider if you must complete the class by a certain date.

Bring the Parenting Education Order, Certificate and Results form (JD-FM-149) with you to the first class.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the program provider will send you and the court a certificate of completion.

Instructions for participants

In order to participate in a parenting education program you must make arrangements yourself.  You can attend any program in the state. You must call the program provider directly to obtain specific information concerning dates, times, and locations of the classes as well as the registration procedure and fee arrangements. Be sure to tell them if you have been ordered to complete the program by a certain date. Remember to bring the parenting education certification form with you to the first class.


All parties may attend the same parenting education class, but you do not have to. Tell the program provider when you call to register if you want to be in a different class from the other party.

If you are afraid of any of the parties involved in your case, or afraid you may be in danger if you attend class with them, ask for separate classes when you register. Or, you may register with a different program. Remember, you may attend any approved program in the state.






1. Psychological Health Associates

72 North St., Suite 208

Danbury, CT 06810


2.  Catholic Family Services

30 Main St. #503

Danbury, CT 06810



CT Council of Family Service Agencies (to attend a Parenting Education Program at one of the following agencies call 203-372-4301 ext, 351)

1. Catholic Family Services

238 Jewett Avenue

Bridgeport, CT 06606

2. Family Services - Woodfield

475 Clinton Avenue

Bridgeport, CT 06605

3. Jewish Family Services

2370 Park Avenue

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies (to attend a Parenting Education Program at one of the following agencies call 203-324-3167)

1. Family Centers, Inc.

40 Arch Street

Greenwich, CT 06836-7550

Family Centers, Inc.

60 Palmers Hill Road

Stamford, CT 06902

2. Catholic Family Services

30 Myano Lane, Suite 12

Stamford, CT 06902

3. Family and Children's Agency, Inc.

9 Mott Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06852

4. Catholic Family Services

7 Chapel Street

P.O. Box 2025

Norwalk, CT 06852


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